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Cheer Austin would love to have you join our team! You can currently join Cheer Austin in one of two ways, as a Performing Member or as an Auxiliary Member and our season runs from October - August. Information about the two roles can be found below. Please fill out the form to get information on how to join.

Auxiliary Membership:

  • Nonperforming member

  • No attendance requirements for practices, 1-2 events a month

  • ~3-4 hours/month commitment

  • Provides administrative and logistical help at events

  • No uniform

Performing Membership:

  • Performing Member

  • Weekly practices, 1-2 events a month

  • ~2-5 hours/week commitment

  • Performs routines and wears uniform to events

  • Purchase of Cheer Austin Uniform Required

Thanks for submitting!

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